Washington D.C.

I had the great pleasure of visiting the pinnacle of cultural institutions, “National Museum of African-American History and Culture” in Washington D.C. during my spring break vacation.  While many speculated, as I had, that there was six month waiting list to get in, I had qualified for  a free walk-up ticket after peak touring hours.  The structure of the building is spectacular, the design is one of a gold-colored African crown worn by Yoruban artist Olowe of Isle. Upon entry your greeted with tour guides on each floor who will tell you the beginning tales of most the exhibits and then will allow you to explore the remaining displays on your own to get more insight and education.  For those planning to visit, be prepared to bring your walking shoes as you will need to climb five stories, starting from the lower level which starts with stories about slavery.  Each floor is very unique in nature.  It took me nearly three hours  just to browse old newspaper articles, sheds, costums, hand written letters, short movie theaters and a plethora of statues of some of our greatest heroes.


The foodie in me could not resist the aroma of the good old-fashioned southern cooking from the museum’s cafe located at the top and the item I chose did not disappoint.


Overall it was a great experience with many more planned for the future!