CV?  A acronym maybe only few American teachers know as we still commonly go by displaying our academic credentials through a resume.   So what is a CV?  CV is short for curriculum vitae, a summary of one’s education, professional history, and job qualifications, as for a prospective employer.I carefully put together my educational portfolio as well as my resume before coming abroad, but I soon found myself creating a CV in order to compare other applicants around the world.  Sending your CV is the first step to introducing you to world as jobs abroad are becoming competitive. I realized constructing a great document will give you an opportunity to make a good impression on your employer.  To help me achieve this goal, I decided to turn to one of the best CV Writers in the GULF,  Shabbir Kagalwala. Shabbir is an amazing CV Writer and offers the best with helping to create a job seekers’ package to help you feel comfortable with taking your career to next level by having the right tools you need to move forward.  For  more information about his services please click (copy)on the link below:

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