Here is one Chicago fact: Chicago is known to have the best transportation system in the world. If travel four blocks north, south, east or west from any street corner you will find either a train, bus or boat stop!

Going home, I decided to snap pictures of things that haven’t realized that I’ve taken for granted for many years growing up.  Here are pictures of my street from downtown Chicago to the sensational and yet intriguing north side.

This is the infamous Buckingham Fountain, located in the heart of the downtown and across the street from my alma mater, Roosevelt University. Each night locals and tourist can view the fountain light up in an array of colors while raising to high lengths all the while serenading the crowd with some sweet soft jazz.
I met Mr. Balloon Designer on my way to the “Taste of Chicago”, I stop to watch him create a fine octopus hat for one young happy goer.
Where else could find famous artistry pieces in the heart of a busy business district?
She sang so beautifully, a tip from me was a must.
An afternoon stroll along Lake Michigan and a beautiful view of Chicago skyline by day.
I had an opportunity to enjoy a free concert of one of my favorite R & B singers, Miss Jill Scott!!!
An evening stroll along Montrose Harbor and a view of Chicago Skyline at night.
On the 4th of July weekend, Soldier Field proudly displayed the colors of the American flag.
The “Red Line” modern look of Chicago in black and white.
A historical look of Chicago by pictures only.
These two “L” lines (as we fellow Chicagoans call it) crisscross the city, from north to south and east to west.
A must to do in Chicago is to make sure you try a fresh bag of “Garrett Chicago’s Mix” popcorn, a true” Windy City” staple.
Harold Washington Public Library, famously named after Chicago’s 1st African-American Mayor. A great place to read, study and relax for free, compliments of the City.
My country’s flag flown outside of the Federal Correctional Facility.
I strolled past market street and grab a snack for the afternoon.

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