Muscat’s Marble Jewel

066Last week , I decided to cross the border for a quick get away to Muscat, Oman, a city five hours away from Dubai. Being my first visit, with not much time to explore, I toured the city’s main attraction The Royal Opera House.  The Opera House took 4 years to complete and opened it’s door in 2011.  The entire exterior of the building were carved and built from Omani marbled stone, while special wood trimmings and accessories were imported from country such as France and New Zealand.  At the start of the tour, we were lead through the main entrance way for the locals, tourists and later down the red carpet to were the Elites enter into the main hall. While in the hall, we were not permitted to snap photos of the stage, but we were given permission to capture the seating area as well as the encased musical instruments.  We soon made our way to the VIP sections, which overlooks the hall, to get a chance to embrace the scenery from the balconies. As this was my first visit to an Opera House, I was quite impressed with creativity of the wood carving and stained glass presentation, structure and ambiance.

Donated antique instruments were savaged, saved and restored.
The entry for the Royal Family and other Elite guests.
The screen monitors subtitle in both English and Arabic.
The Opera House shines at night!!
Muscat’s crown jewel!!
The concert hall was astonishing!!
The VIP section of the hall which includes dining services, their own private rooms and security.
My view on the way out.

068   048My visit here has won me over, I’m sold!!

I plan on making time to enjoy many jazz concerts, world winning stage performances and musicals this fall!!