Lights, Learning & Laughter

Ikobero girls (3)
The “Solar Sisters”, students from the Ikobero Secondary School.

LightsIts been a while since I post news about my shining light, Everlyne Vutage, a student I’ve been sponsoring in Africa for almost a year. I just received some great news about her and the students in her village.  For Christmas this year, Everlyne along with 60 others students in her community were given solar lamps and a bag of flour as presents.  The solar lamps were created specially for students in African villages, whose families can’t afford to buy kerosene to keep light going late for students who study at night. The lamps also protect their huts from danger of a fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.  The flour giveaway is similar to a traditional past-time we conduct in the US with Turkeys around Thanksgiving. The agency was very fortunate to have enough resources to give to the families of every student who attends the school. Everline V2014 The students, I’m told,were very excited although they tend to hide their emotions.  Some have already begun a daily routine of reading to their siblings, who cannot attend school due to the family lack of funding this term.  Of course I’m very elated to hear that my contributions are making a difference in someone life, my tenacity will continue to draw me to projects that help people and the world.