The Mandawa Village

This spring, I toured India and visited a town five hours away from New Delhi called Mandawa.  The town is best known for their famous medieval themed Havelis, a term used for a building of personal residence.

 The streets were busy with merchants, vendors and children, playing with it seemed to be was hide and seek, but I’m pretty sure they had another name for it.  Today most of the Havelis were empty and had deteriorated throughout the years.  The town Mandawa has no electricity, so students have very little time to complete their homework, have dinner and go out and play.  Although they seemed a bit winded, they were very welcoming when I introduced myself.  They asked questions about the States, touched my hair and beg for money.  I didn’t give money, but I did donate a couple bucks to a family who had allowed me to tour the inside of their residence.